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We've served a discerning and loyal clientele from all over Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas for over 40 years. Come see why they always come back to their "We Can Do It!" crew at The Frame Shop Gallery! 
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Yes! Most likely, we can repair your damaged picture frame!
Okay. The picture above is a slight exaggeration but we thought it was funny.

Routine repairs to picture frames that have fallen from the wall, been neglected in a storage unit, or been broken in a move is part of what a real custom picture frame shop does. Over the course of a year, The Frame Shop repairs hundreds and hundreds of broken pieces.

When you bring us your piece, we understand your frustration and know you just want it fixed so it can go back onto the wall. We will evaluate what repairs we are able to do -- things like fixing broken corners and touching up the moulding -- and help you decide about the type of replacement glass you need and if you'd like to remove old, damaged or acidic mats and backings and replace them with conservative quality materials. 

Many times we are able to revive your artwork and make it look pretty darn good. If we foresee problems, we'll let you know.

Also very important, you'll know the exact cost before we begin working and that price WILL NOT increase.

Not all frames are created equal, however. Sometimes metal mouldings can't be repaired because they can't be bent back into shape. Polycore (plastic) or pulp (paper-finish) type frames can sometimes be repaired but sometimes not. (Often the customer doesn't know that he or she has a plastic or pulp frame since hiding that fact is often in the seller's best interest.)

Frames that are REAL WOOD (vintage, antique or frames that come from reputable, independently-owned frame shops) usually come out best when in need of repair.

Don't worry about removing the broken glass! To keep broken glass out of your car, consider enclosing your piece in a plastic bag or other materials before bringing it to us.

We will take your piece apart and clean everything, make all necessary internal repairs, re-join broken corners on your frame and do touch-ups, cut new glass, then put it all back together using whatever hardware the job calls for.

When you pick it up, it'll be clean, professionally put together, and ready to re-hang on your wall.

Repairing frames really isn't that dangerous... we do it all the time. And we haven't recorded a life-threatening injury in almost two weeks now! Ha ha!

Come see us today! You're going to like what we do!